Nadine Amery

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I have been a Personal Trainer since 2007 and over the course of time started to work with alot of people in chronic pain. Just looking at the physical I have found is not enough. When my clients walk through the door, of course we look at their body and their history but more importantly to me I look at their lifestyle, their nutrition, stress levels, relationships and how we can make a more holistic adjustment to their wellness rather than just focusing on the pain site. 

I work at a wellness centre here in Perth, Western Australia. We have all types of individuals walk through the door with all types of ailments. My job is to make them feel comfortable, assess where they are now and give them hope there is a positive way forward and there always is! 


1:1 Personal Trainer for the Sports Enthusiasts and Every Day Person
Small Group Fitness
5 Week Courses with subjects like Restoring Pelvic Floor, Making Movement Matter and Health Restoration.