Lore McSpadden


lore@positiveforcemovement.com | 574.377.2065 | positiveforcemovement.org 0

Lore is a proudly fat non-binary trans person (pronouns: they/them) who has dedicated their life to:
  • helping people develop celebratory, safe, and sustainable movement practices,
  • providing engaging and empowering presentations regarding how to shape a world that honors body diversity, 
  • providing consultation services to businesses, organizations, and fitness facilities that are interested in improving their accessibility and diversity, and
  • facilitating conversations regarding fat acceptance, trans inclusion, and intersectionality.
Lore's specialities include working with strength athletes and powerlifters, people with disabilities, people on the Autism spectrum, trans people, fat and larger-bodied people, trauma survivors, and people 60+ years of age. Lore is excited to help you use curiosity and radical acceptance as tools towards discovering your fullest potential!

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