Isabelle Libmann

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Isabelle (or Izzy, as her clients call her) came to the personal training world as a regular person (meaning she'd never been one to work out until the age of 25). What learning to exercise did for her was empower her to take ownership of her own body which ultimately led her to making a career change in 2010 to become a personal trainer herself. Now Izzy's purpose is to help empower other people to reclaim ownership of their health and fitness by learning better exercise, nutrition and lifestyle skills and habits. 

The average IzzyFit clients is between the ages of 40-65. They're women on the go with full lives they need to be healthy and fit for. And, for the most part, they are women who do not have an extensive background in the world of working out!


Specialties:  Weight management, strength training, nutrition skills coaching