Dr. Aaron Benes


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Dr. Aaron‘s formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, a Master of Cognitive Spiritual Studies degree, and Doctor of Cognitive Spiritual Studies degree. In addition to being a certified strength and conditioning specialist and certified nutritionist, Aaron has received postgraduate training in coaching, neurology, holistic health, corrective exercise, quantum physics, longevity and brain function.

Dr. Aaron works with individuals who are highly committed, open and whose word is more powerful than any contract or document. I’ve had the honor to coach since 1994 and I love those I work with. I’ve had the privilege to coach CEOs, multimillionaires, entrepreneurs, 6 year olds, stay at home moms, professional athletes and several people into their 70s. I have no set program, no script and no agenda. Our coaching is in your movement and your speaking. You move and speak, I watch and listen, and miracles happen.

Dr. Aaron addresses each person as the unique creation that they are, working completely with the body, mind and spirit.