David Shen


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David has been an Original Strength L2 coach since 2015. His history includes 6 Ironman finishes and numerous other triathlons and marathons, as well as completing a 800m leopard crawl in his training to do a mile crawl. He trains swimmers in Menlo Park in the Total Immersion system, works with clients using kettlebells (RKC) and calisthenics (PCC) in addition to OS, and has dabbled in a number of rehab systems to remove clients' barriers in their bodies. In addition, David has a deep interest in nutrition (Precision Nutrition L2) and coaches clients in achieving better nutrition for improved health and performance. He is also working as a health coach having gone through the ADAPT Health Coach program, in order to bring an overall, more holistic strategy towards health to all his clients in addition to physical training and helping them break down all their barriers to reaching their health goals.

Specialties: Total Immersion L2 Coach, RKC, PCC, NKT L1, Precision Nutrition L2, ADAPT Health Coach