Pressing RESET for The Everyday Person Clinic

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Saturday Aug 31, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Matthew Myers


Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren

2810 Beacon St
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805


Pressing Reset for the Everyday Person - Fort Wayne

Aug 31 Fort Wayne, Indiana FREE


Join us for an introduction to Original Strength and learning how to press reset! 

This movement based clinic will introduce you to how to press reset on your body to help unlock the nervous system which improves movement, decreases stress, betters posture, and will leave you feeling better than when you started.

We’ll focus on exploring some of the Big 5 Resets and also spend plenty of time with crawling and other performance enhancing movements that will test not only your body, but also your mind while building reflexive strength and stability.

Pressing RESET has been featured by Washington Post, Fox News, Shape, Mens Health, and used by several professional sports programs, and medical facilities.

This is a free event. 

Topics Covered

  • The three pillars of OS

  • The OS Big 5 RESETs (including breathing, head control, rolling, rocking, and contralateral movements)
  • The definition of reflexive strength and stability
  • What is the vestibular system and why it’s so important
  • What neuroplasticity means to your life
  • Why OS views things from a Good, Better, Best perspective
  • Which regression or progression works best for your body
  • How to Press RESET using the OS System
  • How to help your clients achieve more