Corinna van der Eerden

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As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach I am very happy to support my clients to improve their quality of life - no matter at what point they are starting - trough improving lifestyle factors like nutrition, relaxation, improving sleep quality, balancing hormones, reducing toxicity, supporting metabolism, ..., and last but not least (re-)integrating exercise in their every day life. OS Reset is a perfect addition to my personal life as an athlete - and the life of my clients. It is my tool of choice in order to support clients ranging from people who are barely able to move due to long time illness over the "normal" person who just doesn´t move that much due to lack of time/motivation or other limitations to the high performing athlete who wants to improve their performance with the intelligent and efficient principles of OS.

My average clients are people who understand that change needs action - and that they are responsible for their own well-being. 

Speciality: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach