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Sarah Young, M.S., has spent over 20+ years working with people’s bodies. Her ongoing goal has been to help people move better and feel better. To further this goal, she continues to learn and expand her knowledge of the body. On the recommendation of a friend, Sarah attended her first “Original Strength” workshop. She quickly realized the beauty of movement and simplicity of power inherent in the OS System and began utilizing the resets with her clients: golfers, runners, walkers, rock climbers, clients coming back from hip replacements, clients with back issues, etc. And her clients, while they may have thought Sarah was a bit nuts with “all the crawling and breathing” stuff at first, have been happily amazed at how much the OS resets help them move better and feel better. Sarah believes that OS offers individuals very accessible tools so they can “Press reset” and reclaim their vitality of movement. That’s why she is thrilled to be an Original Strength Specialist.

Along with being an OS Certified Instructor, Sarah is also nationally certified in massage and bodywork and certified as a Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 practitioner. Sarah continues to expand her knowledge of anatomy and movement and is currently studying Neurokinetic Therapy and Functional Movement Systems. On a personal level she has recently started working with kettlebells and has also gotten back into the pool. She also holds a Masters in Exercise Science and a graduate certificate in Complementary Medicine and Wellness.

Sarah’s ability to teach the Original Strength system is superband her enthusiasm for the OS system is contagious.  When she first introduced me it to, I was a bit skeptical that nodding, rocking, rolling, and crawling were going to have any impact on my conditioning and training. Then she began to guide me through the session. She was able to show me my state of imbalance, lead me through the OS exercises, and then show me the improvement I experienced. By the end of the first session, she had me convinced about the value of the OS system for my long-term health. She has reinforced this many times over at subsequent sessions.

Sarah has a thorough knowledge of how to perform the OS techniques and why they are important. As one that asks lots of questions and wants to know the hows and whys, I have found great value in her demonstrations, guidance, and explanations.

Sarah has excellent attention to detail. Even though the OS principles and techniques rebuild our foundations of strength and health by teaching us to relearn the simple movement patterns we are born with, many of the subtleties of those patterns have been lost to neglect and disuse. I appreciate Sarah’s skill at observing me doing the movements and correcting the finer details that help me achieve the most benefit out of each exercise.

In summary, Sarah Young has an in-depth understanding of the OS system and a superb ability to teach that system to her clients.

Tim G.

Sarah Young

OS Certified Pro

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