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Categories: Blog Dec 16, 2019

When I first learned about my Original Strength I was looking and hoping to discover my own strength; my own answers to my own issues.

What I found was well above and beyond anything I had expected.

I just wanted to be NOT broken. I wanted to be Superman. I had no idea if that was really possible, I was faced with what I knew from what I was experiencing. I was at this weird place, my 30s, where things seemed to not be as good as they were when I was younger. Was this aging? What this normal? Was this the way it was going to be?

In my reality, I wasn’t feeling like Superman. But I in my daydreams, I hoped I could put all that behind me and learn to fly again.  


And then it happened. 

 Grace, Love, Answer, Solution, Kindness, Wisdom, or whatever you want to call it came to me. I learned about the wonder of the human design and discovered the power that it contained. My “issues” went away, the largest of which were the lies that I was holding in my head.

Truth is, I wasn’t physically bad off but I was hyper aware of my issues and they were wreaking havoc in my mind by spawning lies. Anyway, I found my Original Strength and I did learn how to fly again. I became stronger and better than I had ever been.

Ten years later, I’m still discovering the depths of the strength hidden in our design and I know what it is like to simply feel amazing. It’s wonderful.  

And I think that’s what moved me. The wonderful-ness of what I had found....

It was so completely natural to tell others about their design, to tell others their bodies could heal, to help others catch a glimpse of an alternative to their reality. It was nothing I deliberately set out to do. After all, I was hoping for a solution for me, not for others. But maybe the Solution knew I would share it, I really don’t know. But I do know it was easy to share and that sharing it brought me joy. 


I love to share the wonder of our design. I love seeing people discover an alternative to their current physical conditions. I love seeing the hope in their faces with the return of their movement. It never gets old. Ever. 


We have an amazing design. We are designed to be strong and able for a lifetime. We are designed to feel good, to feel amazing. We are also designed to share our joy. 


When we feel good and when we are joyful, we are contagious. We shine a little brighter, we smile a little more, we give a little extra. And it doesn’t drain us. It is natural for us to lift others up when we are flying high. 


And believe it or not, our highs are stronger than our lows. Yes, people who are down and out or people who feel bad can drag others down, but the highs are much more contagious than the lows. Think about it. One person can sit sulking in a crowded park and not too many people will sit around him. But one person can be dancing alone in a crowded park and eventually a crowd will be dancing with him. 


Anyway, most of us cannot contain our joy and there is something deep inside us that loves to see pure joy in another person. It’s intoxicating. There are few things that can warm the heart like a genuine smile. To be clear, a genuine smile is not just a facial expression, it’s more than that. It is joyous eyes and a beaming face, but it is also a kind word, a gentle gesture, a welcoming ear, a loving hug, and a connection to soul.

Basically, a gentle smile is an invitation to dance. 


Anyway and again, we are made for joy and we are made to share our joy. When we share our joy, our joy grows even more. When we invite someone into our dance, when we make another smile, the dance becomes even more joyful. I think that’s why this is the most magical time of the year (The Holiday Season).

It feels good to feel good and we all get high from trying to make others feel good. It really is wonderful to feel amazing. And I think that’s the rub. While I know our bodies are designed to feel amazing, I think we can miss out on our true potential to feel amazing if we don’t engage in the lives of others. It is hard to find a greater feeling than sharing joy with another. And if we can’t share our joy, what’s the point?

To really feel amazing in our own skin, we need each other.

We are each other’s secret to a life of true joy. 


Happy Holidays ya’ll. 

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  1. Matteo Mura:
    Dec 17, 2019 at 04:49 AM

    "One person can sit sulking in a crowded park and not too many people will sit around him. But one person can be dancing alone in a crowded park and eventually a crowd will be dancing with him. !


    to me, this is probably one of the most hearth touching articles ever.
    People often ask me "How are you?", I respond "Like a God!". "Won't you be too presumptuous in comparing yourself to God?", "well, He created us in His image and likeness, I am just honoring His design and will", "…(crickets chirping)".

    Anyway, thanks to share brother.



    1. Tim Anderson:
      Jan 09, 2020 at 08:51 PM

      Thank you, Matteo! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  2. andrew hutchinson:
    Dec 23, 2019 at 10:14 PM

    beeyootiful on every level.


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