Last week I had the fortune of speaking at the IDEA World Convention.  To be honest, Dani Almeyda and Ashley Selman are the reason I was there. They were rooting for me and pulling levers to give me a shot on such a big platform.

Anyway, it was huge.

Thousands of personal trainers and other professionals traveled from all over the world to Anaheim, California seeking to deepen or broaden their education. It’s the biggest training conference I’ve ever witnessed. It was really an honor to be able to share our design, how we move and how we become through movement, with so many people thirsty to learn and hungering to make a difference in the lives of their clients, friends, and loved ones. 

I love sharing our design, how we get to co-create our own nervous system through thoughts and movement and how we can experience the expression of strength, health and healing through movement. And I LOVE watching the looks on the faces of others as they experience for themselves the wonder that is inside of their own body.

Watching people discover they can move like they haven’t been able to in years never gets old. The looks of joy combined with amazement, it’s simply awesome. 

In case you did not know, your body is amazing. But even more amazing still is the person inside.

You are powerful.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions actually help to create the world around you. You have so much influence on the outcome of what happens in your mind, your body, your world, the world of those near you, and the world of those who will never even meet you.

You actually impact the course of nature. 

Think of it. With a simple decision to relax, let go of anger, forgive another, and breathe deep into your belly, you change your hormonal cascade, your ability to move well, your ability to sleep, your ability to digest food, your ability to free yourself from stress, and your ability to free another from bitterness.

With the decision to smile you brighten the day of the one the smile is directed to and may even influence them to let go of stress and breathe deeper as well. There is no telling where the impact of such a thought or smile could lead or how far-reaching it could go. 

And that is why I love sharing our design.

I get to point to the power potential that is hidden inside of each of us, and I get to witness the locks and chains fall away as others catch the message. And how do they catch it? They experience it. They see how tiny movements unlock their entire body, how they lead to new thought processes, and how they fuel positive emotions. They catch a glimpse of the idea that they were designed to feel good inside and out, made to swim in the joy of freedom. 

The Joy of Freedom?

Yes, if you’ve ever been imprisoned by thoughts of brokenness, physical pain, mental pain, or thoughts of being stuck with “that’s just the way things are” (the thoughts that leave little room for hope), then the discovery of a refreshing alternative can be quite freeing and joyous. It will change not only your life but the lives of everyone around you. 

You’re not stuck, no matter where you are.

If you’ve hurt for decades, if you’ve been sad or afraid for years, or if you’ve been the prisoner of the forgiveness you refuse to give, you are not stuck. A simple decision, a deep breath, a glance of the eye, the hint of a smile, any of these has the power to change the entire world, especially yours. That’s pretty powerful if you ask me.

And that was the idea I got to share at IDEA! 

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