When I was a child, I LOVED Friday’s. Friday’s were the magical day of the week and I would look forward to them all week long. I know it’s hard to believe that a child who has no responsibilities, no job, no cares, and no worries still looks for Friday to come over any other day, but let me explain. 

Friday’s truly were magical to me.

I spent my days at a daycare center while my parents worked. Most nights my parents were tired. They’d pick me up from daycare, we’d have dinner, watch TV and go to bed. It was nice. But on Friday’s my parents got paid. On Friday’s they’d pick me up from daycare, go to the bank to deposit their money and get some cash. I loved going to the bank because the teller would always give me Chiclets gum slipped in the envelope with my parents’ cash. 

After the bank, my parents would drive to a restaurant; either 401 Seafood, Bojangles, or GodFather’s Pizza. Whichever place we went, it didn’t matter. They were all wonderful, and I would always leave with my belly full. 

After dinner, was the real treat. We would go to K-mart, my favorite store. K-mart was my paradise! They had toys and a wall of fish aquariums full of goldfish. I could always count on a trip to K-mart to yield a Hot Wheels car and on some occasions, a StarWars action figure. K-mart also had an ICEE machine. Man, I loved that store…

After K-mart, we would always put the cherry on top of a perfect evening by hurrying home to watch my favorite show at the time, The Dukes of Hazzard. They drove fast, outran the law, fought bad guys and jumped over barns. What a great show for a kid! 

Chiclets, popcorn shrimp, K-mart, and the Dukes of Hazzard – Friday’s were made magical by the little things.

I’m older now, so I see that the true magic in those times was in my parents’ love, but to a 7-year-old K-mart was a land of wonder. Besides, as I still remember those Friday’s almost 40 years ago, there truly was magic in those little things. They left an impression that has lasted for years and contributed in some way to who I am today. 

But that’s what small things do.

They leave impressions. They make their marks.

And over time, they build bigger, greater things. We are built and made great from the small things. Small movements build our nervous system, small glances build relationships, and small actions build character, and small characters become legends. Small things create the big things, especially if they add up through repetition and time. 

There is a very small chance I would remember Chiclets, sausage biscuits, K-mart and the Dukes of Hazzard if I had only experienced it one Friday in my entire childhood, but I highly doubt it. However, because it was a pattern, because every Friday we went out on the town and showed up, I can still to this day “see” the inside of a K-mart that doesn’t exist, I can smell the popcorn they popped beside the ICEE machine and I can taste a Cola ICEE that I haven’t tasted in over 35 years.

Added up, those small Friday’s had weight to them. Those days will last a lifetime in me. 

But again, none of that would be true if I’d only ever done it once. And that is the key to building the life you want to have. Engage in the seemingly small things often and show up regularly. 

Want to have great balance and posture? Roll for 3 minutes every day. 

Want to be free from a “bad low back?” Practice breathing properly every day. 

Want to be able to demonstrate crazy strength? Crawl for 5 minutes every day.

Want to be good at writing? Practice writing regularly.

Want to be good at communication? Practice listening in every conversation.

Want to be the person you dream about (your dream YOU) in your day and night dreams? Practice smiling at everyone you meet. Practice holding the door for someone whenever you come to a door. 

Want to be a better spouse? Practice not winning in all interactions. 

Want to change the world beyond all hopes and dreams? Practice forgiveness every time you look in the mirror. 

What is it you want? You can create it.

Just show up often and regularly – with a good attitude, with the want in mind, without fear. None of these things mentioned above are big things. They are all ridiculously simple and small. Yet, as all seeds do, they each have infinite power to change your life and the world around you. Don’t dismiss the power of small things. 

Oh, one more thing.

I indirectly mentioned that my Friday’s were truly magical because they were really a product of my parents’ love.

Love is like the water that makes the small things grow big. In all you do, no matter how big or how small, do it in love. And then stand back, chew some Chiclets and LET the magic happen. 

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