I recently wrote a new book called The Becoming Bulletproof Project (coming out in Spring 2019). It’s about realizing the strength potential we each have and then harnessing it through self discipline and a little bit of self imposed mental and physical torture. We can purposefully use mental and physical trials to help us learn to endure difficult things and make the hard things easy. In other words, we can train in such a way that it reveals the superhero inside each of us – we can discover who we are through purposeful training.

Universally, all stories of heroes include a self-discovery period. From every culture, throughout the entirety of time, through every myth and legend this is a common thread of the hero’s journey. This cannot be any coincidence and it is certainly no accident. All heroes have that moment or those moments that shape them, refine them, and elevate them to a knowing of who they are. And then, they save the world.

From Hercules, to Neo, to Kal El, to Wonder Woman. From Winston Churchill, to Mother Teresa to Martin Luther King, Jr. All of them, real or imagined, had nudges (a calling within) followed by trials and struggles (a battle without) that helped clarify who they really were thus allowing them to demonstrate the purpose they were put here for – to save the world.

You may not be into superheroes, but they are into you. All legends and truths of heroes and all of their stories all share the same thread as your story. That is, their story is your story. And like you, in each and every one of their stories each hero had to make a decision in every stage of their journey. Would they answer the call, would they persevere through the trials, and would they rise from the ashes? Would they dare to rely on the strength that was in them, the strength always pulling them forward? You ever notice that tug within?

The only difference between a hero and anyone else is that the hero says, “Here I am.”

The hero says “yes” to the tug, through the trials, and to his purpose. We were all meant to be heroes, but not all will say “Here I am.”

But you will. You already know the answer to every situation life can offer: “Here I am,” the response of the hero.

As legend has it, you were created to be the hero. It’s who you are. You can’t completely escape from this truth, it will always tug at you. Nudging you, pulling you forward, drawing you to the edge, beckoning you to answer it’s call to fly. And one day you will. You won’t be able to stop yourself because it’s who you are. Because heroes only know how to fly.

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