We are meant to be strong. We are made to feel good. We are intended to be happy. But not all of us walk around in the strength we were meant to have. Not all of us feel good or even descent, except in few rare moments. And certainly, not all of us walk around being happy all the time or even part of the time. 

I guess first thing is first. How can I say we are designed to be strong, feel good and be happy? Well, if I look at our design, how we are made, how the processes of the body work and how the body moves, I can’t help but see the intended fruit of the design. We should be strong, feel good and be happy. So why don’t most of us enjoy this fruit? Because we are “starving the tree” at its roots by not moving the way we were designed to move. 

Ponder this: if we are made to move throughout the day, what happens to us if we don’t? How could we ever expect to experience strength, health, or happiness if we don’t engage in the “vehicle” intended for us to have these experiences? We can’t; without dreaming. But on the other side of that coin, what would happen if we did move the way were were intended to move? Many of us would be restored to strength, health and happiness. And yes, I do admit happiness is a choice, but I can also tell you it is a choice that is much easier to make when you have your health. 

You can be strong. You can feel good. You can be happy. But you must be intentional. You have to decide to engage in and participate in your design. Every day. Which means you have to do it on purpose. We live in a technologically advanced world that, for all it’s benefits, has also become a movement vortex. Our world today sucks the natural movements we are meant to make, the ones we would naturally make without thought, away. Chairs, smart phones, screens, cars, recliners, home grocery deliveries, remote controls, wi-fi, etc… They all remove once needed and natural movements from us, leaving us with less than optimal, smaller pointing and clicking, twitching and glancing movements. 

The point is, we should have a solid foundation of movement that we build, maintain, and refine throughout life. This foundation of movement, created by the movements we are designed to make, is the key to our strength, health and much of our happiness. 

You may think I’m crazy, but I would like to offer you a challenge so you can test everything I’m saying here. I want you to roll every single day for 5 to 10 minutes: segmental rolls, egg rolls, windshield wiper rolls, frog rolls or whatever. Here is my rolling playlist and an example of one of the rolling videos. 

Spend 5 to 10 minutes curiously, leisurely and INTENTLY rolling every single day for 30 days. In 30 days, and along the way, notice what you are experiencing. Notice how you move better, how you have more strength than you expect to have when you move. Notice how good your body feels, how good your emotions feel. Notice how you almost can’t help but just be in a better mood, how it’s just easier to smile. 

Can you do this? You can. (I’ll answer that for you.)

Is it worth it? If enjoying your time here on this blue sphere is worth it, then yes, it is indeed worth it. (I gave you another answer.) 

Do this. 30 days. Roll 5 to 10 minutes. 

Be strong. Feel good. Smile – because you mean it…

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