Sometimes life just happens. And though we are made to rise again and again, the rising part would indicate a falling part. At times we fall. Or, we get injured. We may literally fall, or we get hit by something, or whatever. The point is that there are times in life when we get injured and depending on the injury, there can be a lot to deal with, physically and emotionally. Let’s talk about it.

Getting injured sucks. Breaking sucks. It just does. No one wants to be broken and with good reason; no one was made to be broken. And injuries can be like a “one-two” punch. On one side we deal with the physical ramifications and limitations and on the other side we have to deal with the emotional ones. Often the emotional wounds for an injury run deeper than the physical wounds. The “reality” of being broken carves deep wounds in the soul. It can lead to depression, fear, anger, and more. 

I only write this to offer help and hope in times when you need it – I am not writing to make light of any injury or situation that you may be dealing with. There are times when it seems like no one else can wear the shoes we wear, nor could they understand the hurt we feel. But if you are dealing with an injury, or the injury of someone you love, know that we do heal…

Here are some things to remember:

The injury does not change the design. You are designed to be strong and healthy – always. You are designed to heal – every time. Your friends and loved ones are too. No matter the injury, the body is made to put itself back together. Sometimes it can do this quite well on it’s own and sometimes it needs the help and encouragement of professionals. And there are other times when the body just needs faith – there are times when our thoughts and beliefs can either help the body or hinder it.  Our thoughts are so powerful, just like our design. It is so important to know that your injury does not change your design and your design is to heal and be strong. 

Allow the design to work. There is a healing process. It does take time. Sometimes it happens quickly and other times it, well, it happens… This is again where your thoughts can help you. Know that the body knows how to heal and that even though it may feel like it’s not healing at the rate you want it to, one day the injury may just seem like a weird dream. One day, “This too will pass” as all storms do. When you’re in the middle of the storm, it’s hard not to see from the perspective of ground zero but if you could rise above the clouds and see the whole picture you may see that the storm is running its course and will soon blow away. In any event, know that healing may actually take longer than Google leads you to believe.

Protect your mind. Speaking of Google, be very aware of what information you allow to enter your heart. Reading all the symptoms, outcomes, and forum experiences may not be the best route for you to take. Do not dismiss how powerful your thoughts are when it comes to healing, or how destructive your thoughts can become. Having said that, protect yourself from “glass half empty” people too. If you spend all your time around Chicken Little, you may eventually become riddled with nonsensical fears and lies that keep you down and out.

Move where you can. If you have a physical injury, help your body heal by moving where you can, just don’t move into pain. Movement and laughter are the two best natural remedies you could possibly engage in. Do what you can and as best you can, be happy knowing this storm will pass and you will heal soon. 

Know who you are. You are strength. You are not what you do. You are not your vocation, your hobby, your zip code or any other label the world would mask over you. You are strength. Deep down inside your spirit, soul, and body only know how to do one thing: overcome. There is more to you than what you can do, what you once did, or what you will do. And regardless of the situation, “impossibilities,” “miracles,” and the “unexplainable” still happen on any given day to any given person. You are a given person. The Strength inside of you knows NO limitations. It’s who you are. And you were indeed made to rise again and again. Know that.

Eagles only know how to fly…


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