Just the other day a friend of mine, let’s call her Danielle, was asking me “What is Pressing Reset?” To me, the answer is so simple, yet extremely complex. And, the way I think about Pressing Reset and the way I’ve learned it over the years makes it more and more complex when I try to explain it. There is so much depth to it. But i’ll give it a quick go here.

What is Pressing Reset?

Pressing Reset is your body’s designed way to keep you healthy and strong. It’s your very own bigger, better, faster, stronger movement program. It makes you feel good, inside and out, emotionally, mentally, physically. It’s the “greatest version of you” operating system meant to be carried out every waking (and sleeping) moment of your life.

I know that sounds extreme, but the reality is that you were made for great things and you were made to be great; to feel good, to be capable, to solve, to help, to give, to contribute, to rise… Anyway, there is a movement program inside your nervous system that is intended to help you be the “greatest version of you,” and if you engage in that program, you can’t help but be great. 

So, in light of that, and in light of the time of year, I would like to offer the 12 Resets of Christmas (or the 12 Resets of Celebration depending on where you are).

Do these things to experience and reveal the greatness that is in you:

  1. Smile – This just makes the world brighter. Period. It releases good hormones in you and it causes good hormones to be released in others. It even helps you move better. 
  2. Smell the roses – Breathing through your nose simply makes you stronger. It also helps you enjoy the wonderful scents that are around you. Beauty is not just to be seen, it is to be experienced. Smell is one way to further experience beauty. 
  3. Hold your tongue – Keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth not only makes you stronger, it helps restore your posture and it even gives you the opportunity to be a better listener. If you’re holding your tongue, you’re not talking. And, if you’re holding your tongue, chances are you are breathing through your nose, so chances are your nervous system is in a state of rest and not a state of fight, so chances are you actually can focus and listen to what others are telling you.
  4. Let your guard down – Relax your abs and allow yourself to breathe deep into your belly. Imitate the Jolly St. Nick. Breath, deep relaxed breath, is life. It allows you to experience unfiltered joy, in both your emotions and your movements. Let your guard down and breathe deep. Let tension and anxiety go with each exhalation. Invite peace and joy with each inhalation.
  5. Use your eyes – The eyes are meant to move. In fact, they drive movement. The body, and it’s intentions, follows the eyes. But so does the soul. Use your eyes. Make eye contact with others. It shows them who you are, it reveals your intentions. And, it gives you a chance to see who they are as well. Using your eyes, deliberately, can reveal so much about you and so much about who you are looking at. 
  6. Say “Yes” – Nodding your head up and down not only activates your vestibular system thus improving the information your body can send up into your brain, it activates agreement between you and another, especially while making eye contact and smiling. Nodding in agreement improves the communication, the information, between you and those around you. Even if you should say “no” and rotate your head instead, this is good for your entire body and can still be good for your relationships; as long as you maintain eye contact and smile…
  7. Love yourself – Rolling around on the floor is one of the best ways you can “love” yourself. Rolling floods your brain with the information of touch. It stimulates your largest sense organ, your skin, soothing and nourishing your brain. This not only strengthens your nervous system, allowing you to move better, it soothes your soul and helps you to experience the calm of peace; especially if you roll to your favorite holiday music…
  8. Dance – Whether you are rocking back and forth on your hands and knees, or swaying to your favorite holiday song, the rhythm of dance, moving and swaying to a beat, allows you to move and experience your entire body as one whole song where everything combines in beauty and nothing is isolated apart from itself. Nothing is out of place. Dance, even if only in the smallest rhythmic movement, allows you to both move and be moved. 
  9. Give the gift of You – The greatest gift you can give someone is yourself. Your time, your attention, your resources; they all come from your love. Setting yourself aside for someone else is the act of love. There is no greater gift. And, nothing else you can do feels so good. Nothing feels better than a selfless act of love. It feels good to feel good and this is the greatest way…
  10. Explore the Wonder – There is nothing more contagious than the Wondrous smile of a child at Christmas. Their joy, the wonder, seen all over their face, from the smile on their lips to the spark in their eyes, is perhaps the most powerful contagion known to man. It can melt the hardest heart. Deliberately take the time to explore the wonder of a happy child playing with a new toy or even playing with an empty box and wrapping paper and see if you can’t help but be overcome with their joy and wonder. Even listening to the pure joy in their laughter can totally reset your heart. There is no greater medicine.
  11. Walk with a friend – Walking is perhaps the most powerful movement you can make. It keeps your brain healthy and it keeps your body tied together. But, it also gets you from one place to another. Walking with a friend will not only strengthen your body, it can also strengthen your relationships with others. It puts you on each other’s pace with each other’s time with each other’s heart. Walking can lead way to clear thinking, clear listening, clear seeing, and clear love. Even if no words are spoken, walking with another can connect you. 
  12. Be Thankful – You don’t need any specific time of year to be thankful for all your blessings, though this is certainly a great time to be highly aware of them. Being thankful is perhaps one of the greatest things you can do to realize the greatest version of yourself. It puts things in perspective, it puts you in perspective. 

Just in case, to give you some perspective, listen to this… You are blessed – no matter what you think, no matter what has happened to you, no matter what you have done. You are blessed, you are loved, you are unique, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are powerful.

You are all of these things. You have so much to be thankful for. You not only get to be a part of this dance called Life, you get to play a role in it. You get to influence it. Your presence, you, simply makes the world better. Be thankful for that. Realize who you are, who you get to be, and allow the greatest version of yourself to dance and express itself. You get to share yourself with the world. That’s powerful…

Anyway, these are the 12 Resets of Christmas. Done alone or all together they will help you become the greatest version of yourself, which in turn helps the world become a greater version of itself. Now that is how you Press Reset!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and thanks for being you! 

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