Post Workshop Success Story – Cheryl Lloyd, RN and ChiWalking/ChiRunning Master Instructor


I attended an OS Pressing RESET Workshop in Charlotte, NC with a ChiRunning Instructor group. Sarah and Dani were our instructors.  I really, really enjoyed the class. And I continue to Press RESET every day, sometimes twice a day, but always in the morning. I’m pretty active – I snow ski, run, climb and do yoga. But nothing has helped my shoulder and neck mobility like OS.
Here are some of my experiences:
  • I do head rolls from side to side, and arms over head as well as the egg rolls. Head nods in all positions. The mobility and strength in my shoulders is increasing. I love love the gentle way I can begin my reset routine. My neck cracks and I work the kinks out in the morning. Feels so good.
  • Bird dogs and speed skaters including rotation of the head and moving from side to side are a great way to increase my shoulder and core strength.
  • Dead bugs and gait bugs are helping my core strength. My planks are easier to do!
  • Rocking helps my shoulders. Crawling helps my shoulder strength.
  • I’ve been waking up in the morning less stiff in my upper back and shoulders. That’s a bonus!
  • I showed my 86 yo dad, my brother and sister my OS routine. It was a great way for me to see where my dad is with mobility and strength. I was impressed that he could do many of the movements.
I’m definitely a fan and have been devouring Tim’s YouTube videos for advanced work. I have a challenging left shoulder that wants to sublux with external rotation and abduction so I’m hopeful that OS added to my upper body activities like yoga and climbing will keep my shoulder joint more functional.
Thanks again for asking and for the work you are doing!
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