I’m just going to come out and say it. Insecurity sucks. It holds you down, holds you back, makes you hold your breath, makes you hold your expressions back from others and it keeps you from truly being honest. Because of insecurity, we often aren’t honest with ourselves, or we soak in the lies we accept from insecurity. And because of this, we aren’t honest in how we express our true self to others. Insecurity steals our lives.

And we let it. 

How often do we hide our true thoughts from others? How often do we pull back from telling the truth when we know the truth is needed. How often do we not dance on the dance floor when every fiber in our body is screaming “MOVE”, but we don’t. Why? 

Because “they” may see us. “They” may judge us, or laugh at us. “They” may be offended. “They” may not like us. 

I am so guilty of this. Spending most of my life (90% or better) allowing the thoughts of other people to control or affect how I behave, what I think or what I do. Ok, that’s a lie. It’s a lie because it’s not their thoughts that control me, it’s MY thoughts about what they MAY think that control me. In other words, my own insecurity and the imaginations that it gives life to. 

I’ve spent a great deal of my life living in the fear of “They” and the power I’ve given “Them.” I think many of us have. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want “Them” or “They” to keep me from living the life I want to live. But again that’s not true, because it’s not “They” holding me back, it’s ME. It’s me… I hold me back. 

And it’s you. You hold you back. 

I believe the best definition of strength is having the ability to live your life the way you want to. I believe we were all made to be strong, always. If strength is being able to live life the way I want, why would I chose to live in weakness by allowing fear to keep me from living? If I am meant to be strong, why do I keep myself from being strong by allowing insecurities to lie to me about what others may think? Especially when others are too busy being held down by their own insecurities to even really notice me? 

We were made to have strength. We weren’t made to be held down and weakened by fear and insecurities. In the same way you feel every fiber in your body screaming “MOVE” when a good song is playing, if you listen, if you feel, you can also feel every fiber in your body screaming “BE” if you silence the noise and lies in your own head. 

Strength isn’t a skill. It’s a choice. Life is a choice. How we live is our choice. We can live held down by our own insecurities, or the actual thoughts of others. Or, we can live a life free of thoughts, lies, and fears; a life where we are able to live how we want to live and a life where we are exactly who we were meant to be. 

I do think movement is the gateway to strength and truly living. And I think the most honest movement we can make if we really want to live is to let go of the things we hold onto. To let go of the fears, let go of the insecurities, let go of the lies, to let go… 

I am convinced we were not made to be weak. I am convinced we were not made to live in fear. If you are holding yourself back, let go. It doesn’t matter what you think others think or even what they do think. They probably don’t tuck you into bed at night anyway. Even if they did, would you allow them to keep you from living a life of joy and freedom? 

What are your own insecurities? Can you let them go? What’s the worst that could happen if you decided to be honest and live? What if you did find joy and life because you decided to let go of fears and doubts? 

What if you did dance? 

What if you did crawl in public? 

What if you did wear Superman socks to the Walmart? 

What if you didn’t care? 

How strong could you be? 

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