I’ve never done this before, but last week a reader responded to a blog and I thought her response would make for a great blog/article in itself. I could be wrong! BUT I think this dialog may be helpful for anyone struggling to feel better…..

“I have been trying to heal an injury from 15 months ago…had a Cortizone shot at that time, aggravated the area again about 3 months ago…not sure how to get the whole area to heal.

I’m at my wits end with it! I’ve been told to stretch, foam roll and exercise the area to build muscle for the weak areas. No matter what I do it just aches, hurts, and has a pull to it…am I doing the right thing? Or should I just leave the area alone until it heals?

It’s my left hip, upper quad, and glute..the trochanter area. My PT said I have hip bursitis. I’m considering acupuncture and chiropractic or either PT using ASTYM therapy. What I really want to do is get another cortizone shot.”

That was the write-in. Have you ever experienced anything like this? If you have, you know how frustrating this can be, and at times, how hopeless it can make you feel.

Anyway, I’m also just going to share my response:

I understand your frustration. I will just offer some thoughts – hopefully helpful ones.

Cortizone shots can be useful, but they can also be bandaids that end up leading to more issues, either through never finding the root cause or other effects the cortizone itself has in the body. Having said that, pain will make you seek any and all solutions – I get it.

Also, and it doesn’t sound like you will, don’t settle to be in pain. Don’t let your wits actually end and give up. This too can and will pass. You have to be resolute on that. Having said that, seek all means necessary. Acupuncture and Chriopractic care may be invaluable. Some of my closest friends are Chiropractors and they do great healing work.

You can also seek other medical adviors. If you feel you are at a deadend with your current docs, seek other docs.

From an OS movement perspective, deep breathing and rocking may be your best friends. They may help teach your spinal and hip stabilizers how to turn back on and allow your prime moving muscles to let go so they can do their real job. This can be helpful if something like this is at the root of the issue. If you do rock, rock where you can without moving into pain. If you do breathe (with the intent to heal) also know that your body can heal and is made to heal. Pull air deep into your belly with each breath and let your nervous system know it is safe to move.

Again, I’m only sharing this because I think it could be helpful dialogue. If you’ve ever been in pain that won’t seem to go away, it sucks. Even pain that does go away seems to have no end to it in the moment it is being experienced. It can suck all your attention and tank your thoughts like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Just don’t give up. That’s the whole point. Whether you seek 100 medical professionals, 50 Movement gurus, or 1000 healing herbs, dont lose hope. Don’t settle on the “alternative fact” that your body will always hurt. Keep seeking to heal. Know your body is made to heal. Believe you can heal. Valleys are made to be climbed out of.

Again, I hope this helps…

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