What if you were supposed to be good at anything? Anything you wanted to be good at, that is.

I guess a better way to ask is, What if you were meant to be able to express yourself well in all areas, both physical and mental? What if you could run well, jump, throw, swim, climb, dance, sing, calculate, pose, articulate, design, build and create? What if you could do all of these things fairly well, or even better? Can you imagine being able to express yourself in anyway you wanted? 

What if you knew that you were meant to be able to do this? What if you knew that you had no limitations other than the ones you accepted or allowed to be placed on yourself? Well, that’s your design. You are supposed to be able to do most anything well. I’m not necessarily saying we all are meant to be Michael Jordan, but I’m saying, genetics aside, we are all meant to be able to dribble, juke, fade and shoot gracefully and with ease – IF we want to. 

We are designed in such a way that our movements build our brains and nervous system, setting the foundation for endless expression in movement. Our movements create the pathways for ease of understanding and creativity in mind. Our movements even allow for us to both command and nurture our emotions; the tools to by used by us instead of rule over us.

Anyway, we are able. Able to be and able to do in full expression and control of our body, mind and emotions. 

But that’s probably not what you believe. Instead, you might believe the conventional wisdom (deceptions) of the world or even your well-meaning friends. You’ve probably even been told you can’t be good at everything, or that you’re just not meant to be able to do everything. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master on none.” This phrase often resonates with a negative connotation, almost insuring that you were not meant to be good at all things because if you try, you wont be able to master anything. And who wants that? Who doesn’t want to be great at something? Right? 

No. It’s a lie. The whole phrase, the real phrase the world would hide says, “Jack of all trades, master on none, though oftentimes better than master of one.” 

Boom. Mind blowing right? Did you know that was the whole phrase? Why do you think you’ve only ever heard the “condensed” version? Because the world rather keep you asleep and keep you from the full expression of who you are capable of being. I know I’m taking a leap here off of one phrase alone, but there are other deceptions wrapped up in conventional wisdom out there in the world. 

My point is, I have two points: 

  1. You are actually capable of co-creating your own nervous system through movement and choice. You can build a nervous system that removes barriers, limitations, and obstacles to how you move, how you think and how you feel. You can learn to express yourself in all areas of possible expression – IF you choose to.
  2. Don’t settle for the conventional wisdom of the world and don’t believe the deceptions that would lull you into sleep and keep you from moving forward in this life. No one has the power to choose your life but you. Learn how to move the way you were designed. Become a dancer. Learn about your emotions. Learn a new language. Decide to become good at math. Choose your expressions, don’t settle for them. 

My third point is this; Your design says you are capable of immeasurable potential. The world would have you to believe something else. But what do you say? What do you believe? What do you choose? 

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