I was walking with a friend of mine the other day and he asked me, “Tim, why do you think OS works so well?” I had been telling him about the miraculous stories we see and hear about when people learn how to Press Reset. And they are miraculous stories; stories like people not needing a walker anymore, or stories about people being able to squat all the way to the ground for the first time in years, or stories about a boy being able to get up out of a wheelchair and hug his dad for the first time in six years. Miraculous is the best way I know how to describe these stories that seem to happen quite regularly. Anyway, when he asked the question, I told them what I believe to be the reason OS works so well.

This is what I believe…

I believe OS works so well because we are awesomely and wonderfully made. Our bodies are simply amazing and we are capable of so many wonderful things – things we don’t even know about. We are designed to create with our minds and imagination, designed to move well with strength and experience the world we live in, and designed to heal.

It is our design that makes us so wonderful (full of wonder) and it is this wonder that makes OS work so well.

Yes, there is science, neurology, and biology involved, but to only look at those is to miss the awe in the awesome of how we are put together. We are amazing. Our bodies are miracles themselves. We are designed to grow, to learn, to create, to dance, to run, to swim, to build, to write, to inspire, to help, to serve, to smile, to cry, and make the world better – throughout our entire lives. Along the way, our body is designed to repair itself, renew itself, and heal itself simply by being and doing what we were designed for – moving and being.

So no matter what the age and no matter what the person “knows”, if they Press Reset, if they engage in the movements they were given as a child, the body responds with a similar “miraculous” development: more strength, more control, better movement, better feeling movement, more smiles, more curiosity, and more freedom. These are the same things you received as a child when you engaged in your design and they are the same things you receive as an adult when you engage in your design.

We are awesomely and wonderfully made. And that is why OS works so well. It’s in us. It’s our design. When we do what we were made to do, wonderful things happen – things that are full of wonder happen…

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