Have you ever heard the saying that a cord of three strands is not easily broken? Or, have you ever heard that a triangle is the strongest shape in nature? I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but there is something very strong about the number 3. In fact, you are a great example of this.

You are a human being, made to move and express yourself in infinite ways. You are quite limitless, at least that is the design. To achieve this limitless potential, in both body and mind, we were all given three pillars of human movement. These pillars are designed to strengthen and build our nervous systems, our bodies and our minds. And each of us come into the world with these three pillars firmly put in place to uphold all the potential and wonder we are capable of experiencing. In other words, these three pillars of human movement are the foundation of our limitless potential. When they are firmly set into place AND MAINTAINED, we have no limits.

What are these three pillars? They are:

1) Breathing with the diaphragm
2) Activating the vestibular system
3) Engaging in contra-lateral or midline crossing patterns (the gait pattern)

These three things, the things we were designed to do from birth, are the foundation for all our movement potential and mental expression, in creativity and logic. If this gives you pause, make no mistake, how you move influences how you think, even if you think. Each of these three pillars on their own greatly influence how you mentally process anything.

But they are three and they are a package deal; meant to be woven together like a cord of three strands, meant to stand together like the strongest of shapes in nature. Done on their own, they are strong. Done together, they are powerful. When done together, we even call these three pillars “Pressing RESET.” They are the common threads in the developmental sequence that made you resilient as a child and they are to be the common threads that keep you resilient as an adult; in mind, body and spirit.

Hey look! There’s another group of three meant to be woven together for strength: mind, body and spirt. WE are not just a mind or a body or a spirit. We are all of those and they aren’t separate things. They are meant to be tightly woven together so that we can live and express ourselves without limits (so that we can experience Life). The funny thing is, the three pillars of human movement, actually help all three strands that make us US, even the spirit part of us.

You can’t experience the breath of Life, if you can’t breathe. You can’t see the beauty of this world or your life if you don’t pick your head up and set your gaze on the horizon. And you can’t move through this beautiful world and be a part of it if you don’t try to crawl, walk, or sprint yourself through it. Appreciating the gift of breathing, moving our heads and walking through life truly do lift and build the spirit, not just the mind and body.

Anyway, if none of this makes sense right now, know that your body was designed to do three things to optimize your limitless potential so that you could experience life to it’s fullest. Breathe with your diaphragm, activate your vestibular system (move your head on purpose and move your body as the gift it is), and engage in your contra-lateral patterns. These three things together are the foundation of You, your body, your mind and your spirit. Nothing about you is separate. Everything about you is woven together; Three strands at a time so that you are not easily broken.

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