In response to Tim’s video, “Strength Training With Opposing Limbs “, our friend Nete writes…
“I have been training with weights for some years. Counted kg. reps. set. It’s schematic, it’s measurable, it can be put in a box. I have made programs and followed them strictly, but I lost the motivation in the too boxed box. And at the same time, I could feel that I had become strong enough to use my body in body weight exercises and that kind of training made me happy and caught my desire. But it was a very difficult step to take the jump to believe that movement and crawling and all kinds of fun movements was good enough to maintain my strength or perhaps improve my strength. But what has happened is that I actually got stronger, especially in my shoulders. And I love to train without counting and just giving me to exercise – time flies when I train that way. I can challenge myself, in another physical and mental way now. I have also begun using it on my team as I train. They think it’s a little strange, but they love it. I say thank you for making and sharing what you do <3 <3 <3.”
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