Life should be enjoyed. One of the best ways to enjoy anything is through experience. Experience IS the enjoyment. You can know about life. You can read about it. You can watch others live it. You can even tell others about it. But to know about something is not the same thing as knowing something. You can not know life, you can not enjoy life, if you don’t experience it.

You might be wondering, “I’m alive. Therefore I must be experiencing life.” Maybe. But you can also just be here, be “alive” but also not really be living. To experience life is to move through it. It’s not about just taking up space, occupying time and allowing life to move on without you. At best, that allows you to know about life. At worst, it allows you to miss out on experiencing life.

So how do we know life? How do we go about experiencing life? One way is through moving. Moving is a gateway to experiencing life. Through moving, we keep our nervous system healthy and our mind sharp. Through moving we form better thoughts and hone our emotions. Through moving we learn to feel good. And through moving, we engage in our world.

Think about it. Moving keeps you strong and able. But moving also puts you out in the world, both figuratively and literally. When you feel good, when you’re strong and able, you put yourself in the world. You smile, you interact with others, and you are more likely to help others if they need it. And, when you move deliberately you also give yourself opportunity to explore your world; the trees, the clouds, sunlight, hills, birds, flowers, squirrels, cars, buses – it’s all beautiful when you can experience it.

It’s about the experience. The enjoyment and wonder of life come from being engaged in the world around us. Again, the easiest entry point for engaging in life is moving the way we were designed to move. Taking walks, exploring how we can move and roll on the ground, breathing through our nose, smiling, laughing, skipping, holding our heads up – all of these things allow us to move through and with life so we can enjoy life.

Yes, there is also a mindset of awareness that goes along with enjoying life, but more than likely, if a person is moving well and moving often, they probably have that mindset of awareness. And, more than likely, if a person has a poor mindset, they also have a poorly moving body, or a body that just doesn’t move.

Anyway, life is a gift. It moves with us, through us, or around us, It’s our choice. Just incase you don’t know what the choice is, we should choose to move with life and choose to let life move through us. We weren’t meant to allow life to move on without us. We were meant to enjoy life; to experience it and move with it. It’s all about moving.

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