The first day you came into the world, you were a great belly breather. You were. You breathed through your nose, your tongue was on the roof of your mouth and you pulled air down deep into the bottom of your lungs with your diaphragm. Your big little belly rose up and down with each perfect breath. You were so adorable.

Think of it, the very first day of your life, you were a perfect breather (unless you were born under complications, in which case you were still perfect, you just like to make things dramatic). The point is, you were breathing the way you were supposed to, the way you were designed to. As a result, you were pretty much stress free (as a child should be), you had a great digestive system, and you were building a tremendously strong body. Your breath, the way you breathed, established your intended state; the state of being.


Being content. Being relaxed. Being curious. Being free. Being happy. Being hungry. Being strong. Being joy. Being contagious (in a good way).

A child has a magical way of making everyone around them smile, not because they are so cute, but because they are simply being. They aren’t holding onto things they aren’t supposed to have like anger, depression, bitterness, anxiety, fear or whatever. They are the essence of the state of being. They are also the evidence of how things should be.

Imagine with me, if you were born breathing a certain way, then perhaps that way is how you’re supposed to breathe always, throughout your life, in all your circumstances, in all your seasons. Ponder more with me, if you were born free of anger, depression, bitterness and fear, perhaps those aren’t things we were meant to hang onto as adults.

What if the baby, how it comes into the world, how it breathes, how it is, is the picture of how we should always be? What if we were always meant to be the contagious light that makes others just smile when they look at us? What if we were always meant to look at things with curiosity and wonder and not suspicion and dread?

I know these are crazy thoughts, but are they? If moving like a child is like pressing a reset button on the body and it can restore the body’s ability to move pain free, perhaps being like a child could restore one’s relationships with themselves and others and restore their ability to live life through joy instead of pain.

I don’t really think it’s a crazy thought after all. Imagine, we are meant to live in joy, free of fear and all it’s toxic symptoms. How can we do that? Well, we started Day 1 with breathing and being free of all that other mess we cling to and collect. Perhaps all we need to do is go back to that first breath, re-learn how to use our diaphragms, and then let go of anything else that isn’t joy, peace, contentment, relaxation, curiosity, freedom, hunger (drive/thirst for life), and strength.

Maybe we just need to remember how to breathe and be. If it’s how we started, it just might be the picture of how things are meant to be. Don’t let yourself hold on to the negative things in life. They weigh you down, they take your breath and they steal your light.

We should always breathe like the child, like we once did. We should also always shine like the child, like we once did. Admit it or not, it is the way we should be. We should be contagious in spirit, not contaminated in bitterness. How can I say this? Because it’s how we started. Life is no more precious then, than it is now. Life is to be celebrated and allowed to shine every day. Every day should be like the first day.

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