The first book I ever wrote, or co-wrote, was Becoming Bulletproof. It basically started what is now Original Strength Systems, a whole body restoration system.

It’s amazing to think that something as simple as breathing or crawling could begin restoring someone from the inside out; their mind, their emotions, their body… Anyway, Becoming Bulletproof was the beginning of OS. Or perhaps a better way to say it is that Becoming Bulletproof is the heart of OS.

If I’m being completely transparent and honest, I LOVE the name of that book. It resonates with my soul. My entire life, I’ve wanted to be Superman; red cape, tights, and all… Fictionally, he is the ultimate super hero. He always does the right thing, always saves the day, always gives himself for others, he can fly, he is strong, and he is bulletproof. He can’t be hurt. That’s how Becoming Bulletproof got its name. It came from my desire to be Superman.

It’s crazy, really. That book was written almost 9 years ago. The things I’ve learned since then, the knowledge through experiences, and the “miracles” I’ve seen have been almost unreal. I’ll share just a couple here:

  • We are truly wonderfully made. Our bodies are perhaps the most amazing creation imaginable. So amazing that our own imagination helps to shape them. We actually get to co-create who we are or who we will become. Our thoughts and our actions shape our nervous system. Our nervous system gives shape to our thoughts and our actions. We choose to make decisions or not and those choices lead us through life like a water stream finding its way to a river which is finding its way to an ocean. Our thoughts and movements give us shape on the inside and they lead to our expressions and shape our lives on the outside. It’s really quite amazing.
  • We are made to heal. We are not made to live broken or in pain. This is powerful knowledge. It seems elementary, but yet not knowing this cripples lives. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve met who believed they were stuck in their bodies, settling for “Thats just the way it is.” Great people believing in a lie, that was only true because they believed it to be… I also cannot tell you how many “miracles” of healing I have witnessed or been told about once someone began to Press RESET and move in the way their body was designed. Watching the “spark” of hope in their eyes when they discover a pain free movement or range of motion they thought was gone forever. This goes back to my first point above, we are wonderfully made. Your movement template, the very movements that were programmed into you before you were born, are the movements designed to keep you healthy, robust and resilient throughout your ENTIRE life.

Another thing I’ve learned since writing Becoming Bulletproof is that I did indeed name that book appropriately. I am becoming. I’m not bulletproof yet. Not on the outside, not quite on the inside either. But, then again, I am becoming. It’s a process.

Here’s what I mean. The frustrations and fears of being broken that helped start this wonderful journey haven’t been completely defeated yet. Physically, I’ve never been healthier or stronger, and I’ve never felt so good. But, if I’m still being honest and transparent, attacks still come. Odd pains may try to sneak in, or fears of issues, doubts, injuries, or whatever… The attacks still come and the bullets still fly. But here is where the knowledge of the two lessons I mentioned above come in. I know I am not quite as impervious as Superman, but I also know I’m more like Wolverine, I am able to heal and recover from almost anything. And this knowing on the inside helps to protect me on the outside. It also helps me discover new things through the lens of exploration instead of the lens of fear. But that’s a whole other rabbit hole…

My point is, I’m not “there” yet. I engage in life and life sometimes fires shots back and they don’t always bounce off. Pressing RESET (moving the way you were designed to move) won’t necessarily keep you from getting injured or ever having any issues pop up. It can help, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not a forcefield. It is however a powerful way to recover from the shots life takes and a powerful way to continually explore your body’s potential to express itself in every way imaginable. It is also a way to take the shots life fires at you and shrug them off or even use them for momentum to discover new and amazing things about yourself. Sometimes the more you get shot at, the less you notice. It’s about becoming…

I do believe we were all meant to become bulletproof – not that we are supposed to be bulletproof, but meant to become – to engage in the process of life to maximize, optimize, and realize our true potential on the inside and the outside. How do we do this? I think the simplest way is to simply begin moving the way we were meant to, and then keep at it. There are other things we will each need to do personally, but we can all start with the movement part. Movement helps heal a lot of issues…

Anyway, you were meant to become bulletproof too. I know this because we share the same design. If you’re not there yet, don’t sweat it. Just keep your sights set on “Yet” and keep moving forward, even if you get knocked backwards. There may come a day when you don’t even notice the bullets.

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