In Original Strength, we teach that there are five core resets that restore, rebuild, renew, or return the body to how it was designed to be: strong and healthy. We call these the Big Five. These simple movements, which have been placed inside everyone’s nervous system, are more than just restorative, they are transformative. They can help to both heal and restore the body and mind as well as create the hope and possibilities of a better life waiting to be lived.

It is so awe inspiring how breathing, moving the head, rolling on the floor, rocking back and forth, and crawling can be so powerful and yet so subtle. At a glance it is easy to see how they can make a brand new baby strong and healthy, but with with a thoughtful eye it is possible to see how they can simply make a person brand new.

Think of the mental hiccup, or the realization of freedom, a person might encounter when pain they’ve had for decades is suddenly gone after they found their diaphragm, or after they rocked back and forth on their hands and knees. Think of the joy someone might find when they discover a movement or ability they had thought to be gone forever suddenly reveal itself effortlessly. Imagine the life altering moment when a loved one walks unassisted for the first time in years because she learned how to touch her opposite hands to her opposite knees.

We have been telling people that Pressing RESET can help them live life better, but the truth is it can help them live life new. Can you imagine the healing or the “revealing” in the soul of a person who is discovering how their body is designed to heal. It’s a package deal. If the body heals the soul heals, and the more the soul heals, the more potential the body has to heal. Pressing RESET can create the interruption for healing to begin in both the body and the mind. It really is powerful.

The thing is, our bodies were designed to Press RESET constantly and continually. Which means with every new day, we too were meant to be new as well. The Big Five resets were never intended to just make us strong as children, they were meant to make us strong as humans of any age. Don’t miss and dismiss this. Strength, health and vitality is not just intended and reserved for the young person, it is intended and reserved for the person.

The amazing thing is, whenever we engage in these movements we begin the “new-ing” process again; strength is built, mobility is restored, aches go away, age seems to step backwards… But the most amazing thing is, even if we only engage in these movements for small amounts of time in the day, but we do it consistently, the “new-ing” process still happens. These movements are so powerful, our design is so wonderful, that just a little goes a long ways, even when we spend the majority of our days not doing what we were meant to do.

But all of this is just fantasy unless you experience it. So don’t listen to what I’m telling you. You have to do it. I’ll help you.

Do this every single day for 40 days:

1.  Lie down on your back, get comfortable, and purposefully breathe deep into your belly for 2 minutes. Breathe through your nose if you can and KEEP YOUR TONGUE ON THE ROOF OF YOUR MOUTH.

2.  While you’re there, nod your head up and down for two minutes. Lead the motion with your eyes and still keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

3.  Then, bend your knees, and grab your shins. Now rotate your head to the right, and roll your body to the right. Then rotate your head to the left, and roll your body to the left. Do this for 2 minutes. Again, lead the motion with your eyes and keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

4.  Next, get on your hands and knees – get pads or pillows for your knees if you need them – and rock back and forth for 2 minutes. Keep your head and chest up. Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Your back should be flat.

5.   Finally, stand up and perform cross-crawls for 2 minutes. You are simply touching your opposite arm to your opposite leg.


This is only 10 minutes. But done daily, for 40 days, it’s 400 minutes. Done for a year, it’s 3,650 minutes, or about 61 hours of resetting. But it’s also more than that; it’s 61 hours out of 8,760 hours in a year and it can make you brand new. That’s a pretty good investment to living your life new.

You have nothing to lose. Can you do this every day for 40 days? Can you convince someone you care about to do it too? Yes, you can. Go for it. Become new again. Help others do it too.

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