Strength, the secret of strength, is born from the inside out. It has a beginning, a center, and then it grows outward in layers. Each layer adds to the foundation beneath it, building strength upon strength. This is the design of the human body. From the first breath (the beginning of strength) to the last breath, the body was designed to build strength upon strength, layer upon layer.

To be sure, not every breath is a breath of strength, and not every movement becomes a layer of strength, though that doesn’t negate the design. The point is, our physical strength starts from the center of our bodies and is built outwardly from there; breathing with the diaphragm, learning to control the head, rolling on the floor, sitting on the floor, rocking on all fours, crawling, walking, running – these are the layers of strength that were intended to keep us strong and resilient throughout life. In developmental order, they establish strength from our centers to our torso to our limbs. If practiced throughout life, they keep us tied together, or woven together.

This is one of the reasons Pressing RESET is so powerful. It reestablishes our layers of strength, and builds upon them. Breathing turns on the strength of inner inner core and learning to control our head further adds to this strength as well as “wires” all our muscles to our vestibular system. Rolling then starts connecting the shoulders to the hips and builds rotational strength, then rocking starts to coordinate the movements of the opposing limbs. Finally, crawling ties the center together through movement, demanding that the opposing limbs support the body while the other opposing limbs move in unison to propel the body. Crawling also ties the brain together (it’s still an inside out operation). Layer upon layer, strength upon strength… It’s beautiful. It’s powerful.

It worked like magic for us as children and it works like magic for us as adults, only there is no magic. There’s only design; begin in the center, add a layer of movement, add a layer of movement… The great thing is, if we are missing a layer or if the layer is not as solid as it should be, Pressing RESET takes us back to the beginning of the working program and begins again. It’s like a new beginning.

But remember, strength does come from the center out and we have more than one center to consider; our thoughts. Sometimes, and perhaps more often than we know, strength is born or dies from our thoughts. Yes, strength can be a conscious decision we make AND strength can be a subconscious thought process we keep. This means strength can be built from what we decide to be combined with what we believe to be. It’s weird, but it affects our strength nonetheless. What do you want to be? Cognitively, what do you decide? And, what do you believe to be? Meaning, when you’re not deciding and just being, how are you being, what are you believing? Are you fearful, anxious, worried, stressed, buying the idea of weakness or fragility? These thoughts and running broadcast often “play” below our radar. They are in the background constantly broadcasting, constantly undermining our foundation of strength.

To truly be strong from the center out, as we are designed, we also have to reset these inner thoughts of being. We have to change the broadcast in the background to play ideas or notions of strength, peace, relaxation, joy, and confidence. How do we do this? We practice remembering both how well the physical design is and the cognitive decision we have made to be strong. If we practice knowing we are meant to be strong cognitively, eventually we can accumulate enough repetitions in our nervous system to change the background broadcasts to these thoughts. Both thought and movement create and establish neural connections. It’s all about repetition with the nervous system, whether thought or movement; rep upon rep, layer upon layer, strength upon strength.

We are made to be strong and continually renewed, which means continually new. The truth is, every breath could be a reset, a new beginning, as could every thought. The body, and the mind, is designed to press reset continually throughout it’s lifetime; to be continually strong and perhaps even continually new. Can you imagine that? Layer upon layer, strength upon strength, new upon new… Again, it’s a great design.

Press RESET on your body. Press RESET in your mind. Be new. Decide to be new. Reset your internal broadcast and keep your thoughts up (keep your head up), always.


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