We were made to move. That’s evident. We have joints, muscles, reflexes, programs, and a brain. Movement makes us who we are. It shapes our brains, our thoughts, and our bodies. It heals us, soothes us, and even protects us. Movement is a powerful gift. If you can move, you are blessed. If you can breathe, then you can move. However you can move, regardless of your condition is good. If you can move, you’ve got a springboard for possibilities in yourself and in your environment. Your movement shapes more than just you. It shapes the world around you.

Not only were we made to move, we were made to move forward, with and through time. Time never stops, and as of yet, it certainly doesn’t move backwards. Time continually flows and we are supposed to flow with it.

Somewhere in time, in your time, is your purpose, or your destiny. It is there waiting on you to flow to it. But just like a highway or a flowing river, there are obstacles in time designed to stop your flow and prevent you from moving forward to your purpose. These obstacles can be anything. They can be failures, loss, fears, arguments, illnesses, literal and figurative closed doors, or even success (Success can be the sneakiest obstacle). There are always obstacles, distractions, and bait to keep you from becoming who you were meant to be and achieving what you were created for. ESPECIALLY if you are flowing forward towards your purpose.

How do you know if you are flowing towards your purpose? That’s a great question. You’ll probably have to keep asking it, until you know. “What is my purpose?”,  “What am I good at?”, “What am I passionate about?”,  “What was I created to do?” These are all great questions that you may have to explore; in yourself, and Beyond.

The point is, there is something you have to do. Even if you don’t know what it is, you may feel it pulling at you, gnawing at you. Figure out what it is. Then know, once you know what it is, the obstacles will come. They will block your path. They will try to knock you off the path. But you have to move forward – it’s your design. You have to keep your head up, your eyes on the path and your heart and mind on the purpose. This means you have to fight. And just know, no matter what “Leave it to Beaver” would have you believe, just because you stand up to a bully, doesn’t mean they always back down. Sometimes they punch you in teeth. I stood up to Thomas Poe in the 6th grade. He was huge. He put me in a headlock and rammed my head into a brick wall several times. I lost the fight that day by standing up to a bully. BUT, then again, he never harassed me again. Maybe I really didn’t lose. It just felt like I did in that moment, and the week that followed…

Anyway, In the same way that movement heals the body and lifts your emotions, moving forward towards your purpose lifts your soul, it invigorates you, it fuels you. In the same way that not moving allows your body to lose it’s resiliency and ability, not moving towards your purpose allows your soul to get buried in apathy, excuses and a life of what if’s. And understand, once apathy sets in, you become your own obstacle. Time still moves on, but it moves on without you. You become stuck, even lost.

Don’t let the traps and tricks, the baits, the successes, or the “no’s” stop you from reaching for your purpose. You do have a purpose. What if history books were supposed to actually contain everyone’s name, everyone’s contribution, and everyone’s legacy?

Anyway, become who you were meant to be. Just know that your purpose isn’t the end destination, it’s the beginning of your legacy. It’s your springboard for possibilities.

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