And now, a guest post from Michigan based, OS Instructor, Sarah Young….

The other day I put on a rain jacket I hadn’t worn since last summer. I reached into one pocket and “WooHoo!! Cash money!!” There was a twenty dollar bill right there waiting for me. I must have placed it there the last time I wore that rain jacket and forgotten about it. I was geeked but I managed to resist the urge to go through all my other pockets and check between the cushions on the couch for more lost dinero. I was quite content with simply being twenty dollars richer.

And then I thought about the last time I wore that rain jacket. I wore it walking/hiking through a place called Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue! Hail to the Victors! and all that other stuff Wolverines like to say.) “The Arb”, as its known to area folk, is a beautiful area to escape the city and enjoy nature in all its glory. While some would say the “Big House” (some people really like football 😉 is the best thing about Ann Arbor, I would have to disagree. “The Arb” is. And I probably had that twenty in my pocket so I could hit Roos Roast after my nature walk for some Lobster Butter Love (coffee).

But here’s the thing. By finding that missing twenty was I really twenty dollars richer? No, not really. That twenty dollars was always there. I’d simply lost track of it. Finding it just made me aware that I’d always had it. I had that extra bit of wealth the entire year. And yes, I was grateful to get reconnected with it.

And as I held that twenty in my hands and reflected more on the year that had passed, I just had to smile. I realized that in the last year I’d reconnected with something of even more value than money. In the last year I’d reconnected with more of my Original Strength. More of my reflexive strength. The strength I was born to have. The me I was meant to be. And the cool thing is, I know I have more “wealth” to uncover. I’m just beginning to grow into the awesome that is my design. Because life really should get better as we grow older. And after 50+some trips around the sun I can attest to the fact that it can.

And this summer? Well, I’m not walking/hiking in “The Arb” all that much anymore. Instead, I’m “getting loaded” in “the Arb”. I’m rucking (also known as loaded walking). And after a long ruck in nature I feel like I’ve won the lottery, the “My Body/Mind/Spirit feels AWESOME” lottery. And those lottery winnings just keep on giving. One long, loaded walk in nature each week leaves me with huge deposit in my strength and resilience account. And the interest on that account compounds like crazy.

Now, is one long, loaded walk all the movement I do all week? No. I PRESS RESET with Original Strength each day. Sometimes its a short session. Sometimes a long session. And sometimes I do shorter rucks in my neighborhood during the week. And sometimes I go for walk. And I’m also getting back into running. Running is a movement I’d “lost” several years ago because it just didn’t feel good anymore. But rucking is helping me reconnect to running in a way that feels natural. A way that feels good. And that’s pretty darn cool.

So if you’re interested in reclaiming more of the richness of you -finding more of the resilience and strength you may have “lost” along the way- I’d encourage you to check out Original Strength. And if you simply want to capitalize on the investments you’ve already made in your movement and strength, I’d also encourage you to check out Original Strength. Original Strength offers all kinds of wonderful resources to help you on your journey of reclaiming the you you were meant to be. Many of them (Movement Snax and blogs ) are FREE… while others (workshops and books and such), well, you do have to pay, but they offer a HUGE return on investment.

Now isn’t it time you invested in you? Isn’t it time you reclaimed the parts of you that you may have lost, or misplaced, over the years? Because we’re meant to move through life with joy, power, strength, and grace. And there’s a whole lot of each waiting to be rediscovered in the movement lost and found.


Sarah Young, M.S., has spent over 20+ years working with people’s bodies. Her ongoing goal has been to help people move better and feel better. To further this goal, she continues to learn and expand her knowledge of the body. On the recommendation of a friend, Sarah attended her first “Original Strength” workshop.

She quickly realized the beauty of the movements and simplicity of power inherent in the OS System and began utilizing the resets with her clients: golfers, runners, walkers, rock climbers, clients coming back from hip replacements, clients with back issues, etc. And her clients, while they may have thought Sarah was a bit nuts with “all the crawling and breathing” stuff at first, have been happily amazed at how much the OS resets help them move better and feel better. Sarah believes that OS offers individuals very accessible tools so they can “Press reset” and experience hope thru movement. That’s why she is thrilled to be an Original Strength Instructor.

Along with being an Original Strength Instructor. Sarah is also nationally certified in massage and bodywork, certified as a ChiRunning & ChiWalking Instructor, and certified as a Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 practitioner. Sarah continues to expand her knowledge of anatomy and movement and is currently studying Neurokinetic Therapy and Functional Movement Systems. She also holds a Masters in Exercise Science and a graduate certificate in Complementary Medicine and Wellness.

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