Ok, earlier in June I listed the three movements I would do if I wanted to stay forever strong. Today, I want to give you two more movements to complete my list. Not because more is needed, but because the beauty of being human means I am not limited by three movements, only my choice to choose three. So, I’m choosing five things I do on a regular basis to stay strong – in my body and mind.

Don’t miss that.

Strength is so much more than a physical quality. And be sure, I’m not talking about mental strength as it relates to being able to overcome adversity… I’m talking about mental strength as it relates to being at peace with my choices and engaging in things I like to do.

The truth is, you can get ridiculously strong doing a bunch of different things. No one would ever be limited to three things, or even five unless they decided not to exercise their creative muscle. Anyway, if you wanted to choose the absolute best movements for yourself, hopefully you would choose both the things you like to do (for your brain), and the things that give you the biggest physical reward (for your body).

I’m simply sharing five movements I enjoy doing that make me move better and keep me strong. You could do very well with these five, but you could also do well with your own movement choices. I’m not saying you need to do these. I’m saying they absolutely work, but I’m also acknowledging your individuality and need to explore to see what works best for you. But in the meantime, if you want help, you should really explore these five.

But first, if you haven’t read or if you’ve forgotten, here are my top three movements:

1) Loaded walking.

2) Roll Flossing.

3) Rocking.

And, here to complete my top 5:

4) Backwards Crawling.

5) Pulling a sled with a long rope.

Let’s talk about backwards crawling. It is ridiculous how strong crawling backwards will make you. I credit this movement with giving me the strength to EASILY perform one arm, one leg pushups. Before backwards crawling, a one arm, one leg pushup was only a unicorn to me. I simply couldn’t even come close to doing one. No matter how hard i strained, or how much tension I tried to muster, that movement was not available to me. Now, it is simply a reflexive action I can do without straining or trying to make my body tight. I simply push and my body stays together. Anyway, backwards crawling helped glue my X (my body) together. And it will do the same for you too.

And if you don’t have a rope, or a sled, you may want to consider getting yourself these two things. Pulling a long rope attached to a heavy load is  great way to build a very strong back. It’s a great way to build a very strong body for that matter. I really like this because it connects your whole X. Your feet push against the ground as your arms pull the load towards you.Your body is getting input from all four limbs and reflexively, you’re tying your body together from this input.

I do recommend a Battling Rope from Mr. John Brookfield (50 foot long, 1/2 inch in diameter). Anyway, pulling the sled works and builds your posterior side. It is a great compliment to backwards crawling and helps balance your strength.

That’s it. That’s my top 5 movements I love to do for “strength” training. To make sure you’re up to speed on MY definition of strength, it is simply having the freedom to move and do the things you want to do in life; it’s health. If you only think big muscles when you think of strength, you may be missing out.

If you don’t do these five, consider engaging in them for a while and form your own opinion about them. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And, if you have a top 5 of your own, please feel free to share them here or tag us on Instagram (@original_strength — using #originalstrength  #pressreset ). You may inspire others, and myself, with your choices for strength and health.

Thanks for reading!


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