Check out this cool letter I received from Tom LaCoppola. He rose to the challenge (the 30 day Rocking Push-Up Challenge that is) and is flying high!


I have been following Original Strength for about four years and I love the system and the movement snax you share. I have been battling a hip injury for a little while and the rocking has been helping me rehab my hip. When I watched the recent video you did about rocking push-up’s, I loved it. I love physical challenges, so when you threw out the challenge to do 50 rocking push-up’s every day for 30 days, I was excited.

However, I figured instead of doing 50 push-ups a day, why not do 100 to make it a little more interesting? How tough can it be? You did give the warning that doing fifty rocking push-ups in a row would definitely let you realize you have back muscles, abs and shoulders – you were right. All those muscles received a workout!

I’m writing to tell you I forged ahead with the challenge. As the days passed and the rocking push-ups stacked up, I noticed something; my Hips felt good and my shoulders were stronger and a little bigger. But I noticed another change I did not expect. You see, for the last six or seven years I have dealt with tendonitis in my elbows. It started when I was performing lots of rope climbs and it  just never really got any better. But two weeks into the challenge, my elbows felt great! I could do pull-ups and my elbows did not kill me afterwards!

Anyway, I finished the challenge (your’s plus my addition): 100 rocking push-ups for thirty days for a total of 3000 rocking push-ups. I love the benefits so much they are now part of a morning routine I do with rocking, head nods and cross crawls. Thanks so much for the challenge opportunity, and all the movement snax you share. Keep them coming my friend.


-Tom LaCoppola


Thanks, Tom!!!  Now, back to you! Have you tried out the 30 Day Rocking Push Up Challenge?  If not, let’s get started! We are at the start of a brand new month!

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