One of the most beautiful things I’ve noticed about Original Strength is that it interrupts people’s lives. Really, it interrupts their thought processes or their belief systems, allowing for a new idea or a new hope to take place. For example, I often meet people who believe they can’t do certain things because they have a “bad back” or a “bad knee.” Because of an injury they once had, or a pain they felt, they created a belief that now limits them.

Now, I know and believe that Pressing RESET actually can reset the nervous system and restore movement and strength to the body. But I have also come to believe that Pressing RESET can interrupt a limiting belief and reset the mind. By the way, would you believe that the body is often limited by what the mind is thinking and believing? Yes, some physical limitations are created and kept in the mind, then stored in the body.

Anyway, teaching a person how to Press RESET can provide a much needed breaking of mental chains that a person holds onto . For example, the person who claims to have a “bad back” may suddenly be able to touch their toes for the first time in 10 years without pain. That brief moment allows for a new thought of “Hey, maybe I don’t have to hurt anymore,” or “Hey, maybe Tim was right, maybe my body is designed to heal.”

When a person who has been held captive by a limiting belief system suddenly realizes that what they believed to be a “truth” is perhaps not the truth after all, you can literally see hope start to creep into their expression. You can almost see their thoughts wrestle with the possibility of having a body free from the limitations they’ve had. It is powerful to watch. I’ll be honest, it lights my wick!

Sometimes, we all need to be interrupted. It is easy to believe or latch on to ideas that we hurt more as we age or that we never fully recover from an injury. But that is only the “truth” if you settle on it in your heart and believe it. Really, it’s more like an alternative truth in an alternative life you have chosen. If you believe you weren’t meant to hurt, or you weren’t meant to have a bad back, then that is the truth as well. And more likely than not, you will remain strong and overcome injuries because your belief keeps you on the path to health.

A person’s life can be simply undone – in a good way – by Pressing RESET. Yes, they can experience a change in how they feel and move at the speed of their nervous system, but more importantly than that, they may just experience a glimmer of hope at the speed of realizing they just experienced a physical change. In an instant, they may have a thought adjustment or thought correction that sets them on the path to living the life of their dreams.

If you hurt, if you cannot move the way you want to, or if you feel limited in your own body, know your circumstances can change. Know that you were made to heal. You may not experience a biblical sized miracle, but you may experience a positive change that you didn’t think was possible. You may be able to optimize the body and mind that you have and live a life full of joy and freedom. And yes, this miraculous interruption can start with a simple breath or by getting down on the floor and rolling around. Pressing RESET can change the way you move, the way you feel, and the way you think. It can totally interrupt the path you’re on, or the path a loved one is on. Yes it is crazy. But it’s crazy enough to work.

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