And now, a quick thought by TC Lee, OS Level 2 Coach…..

There is a common saying that goes “Learn to crawl before you walk”. Although what it meant is learn the basics first but it is so true that you to learn how to crawl before you walk. If you cannot crawl well enough how good are you when you are on your two feet? I am not saying that you should be crawling all the time and stop all the walking that takes you easily anywhere you want.

What I am suggesting is if you are walking in pain or in some kind of pain and constantly getting hurt from exercising such as running, playing sports or lifting weights in the gym, maybe you should look at spending some quality time crawling. Not just crawl but actually spend quality time crawling.

Why crawling?

Crawling is so powerful it will strengthen your body. Crawling strengthens the big X in your body. We are functionally linked from our finger tips of one side of our hands to the toes of the opposite leg. And as it says in the book: Pressing Reset -Original Strength Reloaded, “The center of your X, your core, is where the forces you generate from movement cross over from one side of the body to the other.”

It’s the design of our body that we are born with. This is probably why we spend time as a toddler crawling to tighten up our X to make it strong and learning to transfer force from one side of the body to the other efficiently via the center of your X. Then we test the strength of our X by exploring various new movements such as getting on our two feet, squatting, walking and running. If we fail, we just get on the ground, crawl again and strengthen the big X more before we try again.

Your body works best when it is working in unison and not in a disjointed or disintegrated unit only to rely on one part of the body to do the heavy lifting. It will eventually break.

A strong X that is tied together very well will hold your whole body together and let you flow your energy around efficiently. It will let you move better, move pain-free, and allow you to perform better at your sports or gym better. And, can stop you from hurting yourself.

Start crawling today if you want a stronger X in your body. Start feeling stronger and start performing better.


Don’t just crawl. Learn to crawl better with an intention to crawl well. It matters. 😉

TC Lee is an OS level 2 coach and owner of Get Results PT, a results-based facility based located in Subiaco, Western Australia. In his 13 years career as a trainer and strength coach, he had trained people from all walks of life ranging from busy mummies, medical doctors to professional athletes.
In his free time, he likes a good coffee hanging out with his family and doing crawling with his two young boys.
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