And now, a guest post by Geoff Neupert…

Even though I’m on a 2-year leave of absence, I felt compelled to poke my head up and write this because of what just happened to me today.

Seven years ago tomorrow, Easter 2017, Tim came over to my house for Easter. (It was 2010.) He was still a firefighter and got the short straw – Easter weekend duty, so he couldn’t spend time with his family.

At that time, it was just my wife and I – no kids.

So Tim came over, along with two of our friends from church, and we celebrated Easter together. We had just started “bulletproofing” and I was feeling pretty good. I was actually, for the first time in probably about 6 years, able to run and jump without my hips or knees killing me. It still stands out vividly because the five of us were out back playing frisbee. I was amazed. I was amazed that I could do that stuff again (even if it was awkwardly). And I was amazed that I actually felt good and enjoyed it. There’s something to be said for being out of pain.

And at some point during that day, I said to Tim, “You should write a book.” The rest, as they say, is history. Fast-forward to today – seven years later.

I just got home from the park. I was doing backward neck-loaded leopard crawls with a chain. My wife and kids were there too. I drove home parked the truck, and walked back toward the park. I met them on their way home. My little girl, who’s three asked, “Daddy, how’d you get here?”

“I walked sweetie,” I said. And then she said it – “Chase me Daddy!” And she took off running. Down the sidewalk. Around the corner. And down the hill.

Guess who chased her running the whole way?


(And my little boy, who’s six next Friday, followed us riding his bike.)

At Easter, I think it’s appropriate that I thank God for creating Original Strength and Tim Anderson for his faithfulness to “preach the message.” OS, like Easter itself, has given me a new life.

Seven years ago, kids were a medical impossibility.

And because of the damage to my hips, complete physical restoration was an improbability.

Miracles do happen.


I’m living proof.

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