I have a friend who is a real-life superhero. I know it is hard to believe, but I do have a friend! Anyway, my friend is a performing strongman. He does the seemingly impossible with his body. He bends things like crow bars and iron rods and he breaks things., like chains, with amazing power. He literally tames iron. His body possesses incredible strength. It is awe inspiring to see how much strength he can wield while he is calmly talking and performing.

He is very open about the secret to his strength. It is not spinach. It is not whey protein, or creative, or vitamins. It’s his mind. My friend has learned to “see” with his mind and lead his body to where he wants it to go. He has no physical limitations because he thinks of no obstacles that would stop him from achieving his desired goals. If he wants to split a coconut in two with his bare hands, he sees himself do it inside his minds eye. He sees it. He believes it. He does it.

His secret to superhero strength lives inside the imagination and vision of his mind. He sees himself being successful. He does not imagine failure. He does not imagine ridicule. He doesn’t imagine shame. He only sees what he wants his outcome to be. And then he walks out his vision in the flesh.

He is a performing strongman. But the truth is, he could be a performing doctor, architect, musician, husband, or real estate broker. He knows how to create the reality he wants by visualizing it in his head. He knows how to snuff out fear and doubt with clear vision, selective hearing, and determined resolve. Every day, he practices, he “strength trains” his biggest, most powerful muscle: his mind. The result? His reality is created by where he wills his mind to go.

He is a superhero. So am I. So are you. Most of us live our entire lives walking around with enough power safely tucked away inside us to create a whole new and better world. We carry minds capable of imagining and creating anything. And we do. And for most of us, that is our problem. We imagine and create all the things we don’t want to have. We see bad and dark things in our mind’s eye. We focus on things we are afraid of and things we fear. We visualize failure more than we do success. We doubt instead of believe. But the truth is doubt is belief, belief in what we can’t achieve.

You have immense power locked away inside that wonderful melon you carry around on your shoulders. You can become and do anything you set your mind to. You probably already have… SO, if you are not where you want to be, or who you want to become, change it. Open your eyes and start seeing what you want. Start realizing the reality bending power you possess inside your mind. Strengthen the biggest muscle you have and move the world around you. You can absolutely do it because you were absolutely born to do it.

Be the superhero of your own life. Learn how to fly. It is in you. It is…

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