Way back in 2009, when learning how to become bulletproof and learning how powerful Pressing RESET can be, my friends (Mike McNiff and Geoff Neupert) and I started using the phrase reflexive strength to describe what Pressing RESET was restoring or building in the body. We used this phrase because we noticed that after Pressing RESET, we had stability in areas where it was once missing, and we had a strength that was different. That is to say we noticed we were stronger, but not because we were trying harder, but because our movements and ability to move other things was just easier. We had a new strength and stability that was just there, without thought, without effort. It was in a sense, reflexive.

The more we learned and the more we helped others Press RESET the more we became certain, that this new strength, mobility, stability and control gained from engaging in childish movements was indeed reflexive. It was as if by Pressing RESET, restraints and limitations melted away from people and abilities just seemed to appear. People could suddenly squat or touch their toes after YEARS of not being able to. Even quantitative scores observed in movement assessments could be suddenly changed after mere minutes of breathing or rocking. It was amazing. And, it was reflexive, or automatic, or it just was…

From the very beginning of using the term reflexive strength (or reflexive stability, we used both interchangeably) we had a difficult time explaining it to people. Not all people, but some. So, Geoff came up with a definition:

Reflexive Strength is the body’s ability to anticipate, prepare, and respond to movement before and as it happens.

That is our working definition. Reflexive strength is both predicative and reactive strength. It is the foundation of everything you do. It allows you to move and express yourself physically the way you want to. Its presence is evident in poetic, flowing movement and its a sense is evident in clunky, disjointed movement. Really, reflexive strength is reflexive control – automatic control over your body in all the ways you want to move. But wait, that’s a whole other article.

Anyway, even after our definition and our explanations, some people still don’t get it. And there is nothing wrong with that! Sometimes to really own something, you have to wrestle with it for a while. That is a great way to learn and gain understanding. Marinating on subjects and thoughts is the birthing ground for knowledge and understanding.

Other times, however, you may have to let go of things or other definitions you are holding unto in order to be able to grasp something new. It is often our own definitions or beliefs that prevent us from moving forward and gaining new insight, knowledge or even perspective.

For example, If I mention God. Immediately some people will label me as being religious or talking about a religion. But in reality, I’m merely talking about God, not religion. Or, if I mention sushi, some may think of only raw fish, when sushi can involve raw fish, but it can also involve cooked items, like fish… In other words, some people have their own working definitions that prevent them from grasping something more. Wouldn’t it be tragic to never experience going out to eat sushi because you believed it only involve raw fish?

I know. This is everywhere now. The point is, don’t let your own definitions or beliefs keep you from experiencing something that is wonderful. And just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of it. Whether you buy into our definition of reflexive strength or not, Pressing RESET does wonderful things in the human body. It allows you to optimize how your body moves and it can even improve the way you think and feel internally. You don’t have to know anything about reflexive strength to reap the benefits of Pressing RESET.

If you want to be healthy, strong and as bulletproof as possible, Press RESET. It works, no matter how you define it.

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